Summer Mule

Summer Mule


Summer Mule by Kenny Belgard and Parker James

Summer Mule by Kenny Belgard and Parker James

Summer Mule


  • (created by Kenny Belgard and Parker James, students from The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone’s Wine and Beverage program)
  • • 2 parts ginger beer
  • • 1 part Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka
  • • 1 part Rosé wine
  • • Mint for muddling
  • • .25 parts lime juice (We had our limes pre-juiced because of time, but it would be better if fresh limes were used. Use 1/4 lime per drink)
  • • .25 parts Perfect Puree: Red Raspberry (local Napa product – may not need .25 parts – we did to taste)
  • • Garnish with raspberry halve and lime segment
  • Muddle the lime and mint together. Strain the mint/lime juice mixture into a mixing glass. Add vodka, rose, and raspberry puree. Mix. Pour into iced glass and top with ginger beer. Mix again and garnish. 


  1. Follow instructions, drink and enjoy!

Wine Country Holiday Gift Ideas

Wine Country Holiday Gift Ideas

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas Created in the Napa Valley

Go Anywhere with GoVino

By Dynie Sanderson

Here are a few really special Holiday gift ideas to take away with you from the Wine Country. Whether it is a gift for under the tree or a gift for a special occasion or gift to yourself, these will surely put a smile on your face. As a matter of fact, these gifts will pair perfect with the wines you bought on your last trip to Napa Valley.

Wouldn’t it be fun to pack up that case of the wine you just bought in Napa and put it in a suitcase custom-made to take your most special vintages with you to your next travel destination or to have a glass when you get home and not wait for a shipment? Absolutely! It used to be that you could travel with a 6-pack carry on as a souvenir from your visit. Though that luxury is long gone, the good news is you can still take it with you!

FlyWithWine is the ultimate wine travel suitcase which was designed exclusively for safely transporting wine. Put your favorite vintages comfortably in this indestructible check-in bag and pick it up with confidence at baggage claim knowing your 2005 Estate Cab is safely intact. And fully loaded with a case of wine it still weighs less than 50 pounds. You can also customize your wine luggage too, as they have a variety of inserts for fit your various bottle sizes and even your special Riedel Wine Glasses.

Though if you want to use all of the space in your customized suitcase for wine, there is an option. Grab a box of your favorite GoVino shatter proof drinkware and put it in your backpack or carry-on and you will be ready-set-go to enjoy a glass or two of the one of your Napa Valley wines as soon as you land in your next destination. These innovative sommelier-approved wine glasses can go with you anywhere and were established in the Napa Valley in 2008 by Joseph T. Perulli.

Go Vino Picnic

The GoVino glasses have quickly been adopted by some of the world’s most renowned wine estates and it is the first shatterproof wine glass of its kind to be accepted by the industry. GoVino offers design driven glassware options for wine, beer, champagne and cocktails and they even have a decanter as well. These are perfect when proper stemware isn’t available or in settings where breakable glass in prohibited. May your Holidays be Smashing … Not Your Glassware!

You just packed your FlyWithWine suitcase with a selection of wines from Hestan Vineyards and while there, you had the opportunity to go to The Hestan Barn for an amazing cooking demonstration by Hestan Chef Philip Tessier. He was using an amazing line of cookware, the Nanobond. Hestan just debuted the Hestan Cue: A Connected, Smart Cooking System which redefines the home kitchen. What an amazing culinary innovation. Now that you have Chef Philip’s new book “Chasing Bocuse – America’s Journey to the Culinary World Stage”, The Hestan Cue is a must have in your kitchen.

Hestan Cue is a video-guided cooking system that automatically controls temperature and time, every step of the recipe. Their smart cookware, induction burner and recipe app all communicate with each other using Bluetooth technology and embedded sensors – automatically adjusting the cooking temperature and time as you proceed through each recipe. Cue doesn’t cook it for you – it helps you cook better food, more often. And the best part…you are learning to cook beautiful meals from chefs like Philip Tessier.

The Hestan Cue Team includes acclaimed chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants, pioneering software developers and meticulous designers dedicated to tirelessly reinventing the cooking experience.

You can find the Hestan Cue at William Sonoma and Amazon or at








Ravioli “Sunny Side Up” with Farm Egg and Truffle Butter

Ravioli “Sunny Side Up” with Farm Egg and Truffle Butter


Ravioli Recipe “Sunny side up” with Farm Egg and Truffle Butter


Ravioli “Sunny side up” with Farm Egg and Truffle Butter

Serves 4

4 fresh farm eggs (plus one egg for egg wash)

1 sheet fresh pasta (eight 5 inch squares)

½ cup cooked white beans

½ cup ricotta cheese

4 tablespoons finely chopped fresh truffle

3 ounces good sweet butter


In a tightly sealed jar, store whole eggs with fresh truffles in the refrigerator for at least 48 hours. This is critical to allow the truffle flavor to infuse. Puree well cooked white beans in food processor until smooth. Add ricotta and half of the chopped truffle and mix well to incorporate. Season with salt to taste. Load truffled bean/ricotta mixture into a pastry bag. Pipe a 3 inch circle of the bean/cheese mixture onto 4 of the pasta squares making sure the whole in the center will be the perfect size to gently cradle a raw egg yolk. Without breaking, carefully place a truffled egg yolk in the center, brush the perimeter with egg wash and carefully press the top sheet of pasta around the yolk. Trim the rim to give each piece the free form shape of a fried egg. Cook 3 minutes in boiling salted water. In the meantime warm the butter and remaining fresh truffle in a sauté pan, season with salt and swirl in a small amount of the pasta cooking liquid to make a sauce. Place each ravioli on a plate and spoon truffle butter on top. Your Ravioli recipe is ready to taste!

Ca’Momi Osteria Cocktail Recipes: Heartcraft Sparkling

Ca’Momi Osteria Cocktail Recipes: Heartcraft Sparkling

Festive Libations

  • Amalfi
  • • 1 ½ oz. ca’ momi heartcrafted vodka limoncello (not available retail, this is housemade)
  • • 3 oz. heartcraft by ca’ momi sparkling white
  • • ½ oz. genepy alps
  • • ¼ oz. lemon juice
  • o wine glass
  •  ice wine glass (pour and stir)
  •  garnish with lemon peel and salvia officinalis (purple sage flowers)
  • Spritz
  • • 2 oz .heartcraft by ca’ momi sparkling rosé
  • • 1 ½ oz. cappelletti aperitivo (our all-natural substitution for the classic Aperol or Campari)
  • • 1 oz. seltzer
  • o old-fashioned glass
  •  pour over large cube & stir
  •  garnish with a wheel of orange
  • • for winemaker Dario de Conti’s revved up version: add ½ oz cynar 70 proof
  • La Facile
  • • 1 oz heartcraft by ca’ momi sparkling wine
  • • 1.5 oz carpano bianco white vermouth
  • • 1 oz j. gasco elderflower soda
  • • .25 oz fresh organic lemon juice
  • • .25 oz fresh organic grapefruit juice
  • o old-fashioned glass
  •  vigorously stir in mixing glass
  •  pour over ice
  • o garnish with rosemary & lavender sprig

Recchiuti Caramelized Cocoa Nib White Chocolate Bark

Recchiuti Caramelized Cocoa Nib White Chocolate Bark

Ca’Momi Chef Valentina Guollo-Migotto Creates something for your Sweet Tooth with her Festive Libations and Chocolate bark

  • Makes about 24 pieces
  • Tools
  • 8 ” x 12” sheet pan
  • Parchment Paper
  • Ingredients
  • 1 tsp 1/3 oz. unsalted butter with 82% butterfat
  • Scant 1 ½ (6 oz. cocoa nibs)
  • ½ cup 3 ½ oz. granulated cane sugar
  • 1 ½ cups 14 oz. by weight tempered white chocolate
  1. Make the Bark
  2. • Line the bottom of the sheet pan with parchment paper
  3. • Pour the chocolate into the prepared pan. Spread it evenly with a small offset spatula. Tap the pan on a work surface to even the top.
  4. • Sprinkle the caramelized nibs over the chocolate. When the chocolate loses its sheen and starts to set, after about 15 minutes, cut the bark with a sharp knifes into 2-inch squares or other fanciful shapes of your choice. Leave the bark at room temperature until it is completely set, about 1 hour and then separate the pieces.
  5. • Store in a cool, dry place, not in the refrigerator

Caramelized Nibs

  1. Put a piece of parchment paper or a nonstick baking liner on a work surface. Measure the butter and put it next to the stove.
  2. Put the nibs in and sugar in a medium heavy-bottomed pot. Use an unlined copper pot if you have one. Place the pot over high heat and vigorously stir the mixture with a wooden spoon. As the sugar cooks, the mixture will smoke. When only a few specks of sugar remain un-melted, remove from the heat and stir in the butter, the nibs will glisten and separate into clumps.
  3. Scrape the nibs onto the parchment paper or baking liner and spread out the individual clumps. Let cool to room temperature and then break into ¼-inch pieces. Store them in a zippered bag at room temperature.
  4. You will need 1-cup (4 oz.) caramelized nibs for the bark. Reserve the remaining caramelized nibs for other uses.
Caramelized Cocoa Nib White Chocolate Bark from Recchiuti Confections:
This delicious treat is inspired by self-made Chocolatier Michael Recchiuti’s cookbook, Chocolate Obsession. A twist on a classic with seasonal toppings, this chocolate bark recipe will make every home-chocolatier feel like a professional. Enjoy smoky cocoa nibs contrasting the sweetness of white chocolate.