Weddings in Napa Valley

Wine County Weddings in Napa Valley have grown into a booming industry over the last 20 years. The wine country region exudes romance with its Tuscan painted hills, miles and miles of rolling lush vineyards, charming boutique hotels and 5-star restaurants. Who wouldn’t want to get married in wine country? What a truly magical place to tie the knot. Lovebirds flock here in droves to find the perfect venue to celebrate their nuptials and create memories to last a lifetime.

Ten reasons to tie the Knot in Napa Valley!!!!

  • The Napa Valley is Gorgeous in ALL seasons!
  • The Cuisine and Wine are internationally renowned!
  • Your family and friends have never been here!
  • You met your fiancé in Napa Valley!
  • Napa Valley was your first trip together!
  • Your favorite wine is from Napa Valley!
  • Bottle Rock is your favorite Music Event!
  • “Bottle Shock” is your favorite movie!
  • Because your honeymoon is in Fiji!
  • And why KNOT!!!!

Napa Valley Weddings – Over 90-percent of the wedding ceremonies performed in the Napa Valley are brides and grooms from all over the world. No wonder it is such big business. Weddings in the Napa Valley range from small elopement style weddings to large celebrity style galas; from a La Carte to all-inclusive; from the small pocket-book to money is no object. Big or intimate, your perfect dream wedding awaits in world-class Napa Valley.


Vineyard Wedding Napa

Imagine, it’s twelve months before your big wedding day and you really want a Big Fat Napa Valley Wedding, however, you live in Dallas and haven’t a clue on where to start or who to call. The thought is overwhelming at the prospect of doing this on your own, however, the world is virtually at your fingertips; it’s just a Google away. But then you realize with all of the choices popping up on your iPad, you cannot decide whom to call first. This is, after all, is intended to be your perfect magical day, the wedding of your dreams! Your nerves are already fluttering at the excitement of your recent engagement and its only one short year to the Big Day when you will be Mr. and Mrs.! Where to start?

Wedding Planners In Napa Valley

The plethora of wine country wedding information is in abundance and you can rest assured with the assistance of your perfectly chosen wedding planner, your big day will come off without a glitch. And even if you chose not to use a wedding planner and decide to coordinate the details on your own there is plenty of information to get you on your way. No matter who you speak with, they will all have plenty of great referrals and references to suit all of your wedding needs.

Wine Country Wedding Fun

It used to be 20 years ago that weddings in the Napa Valley took place, primarily at hotels and resorts. It has since opened up to a wide variety of venues consisting of high-class resorts, country clubs, restaurants, vineyard settings, select wineries, private estates and more. Keep in mind that due to county regulations, 99-percent of the Napa Valley wineries do not allow actual weddings on-site.

Wedding Venues

For those that have access through personal relationships, it is one of the most exclusive, elite, luxury destinations in California, if not the world, to exchange vows. And for those who
 do not have access to the coveted winery venues due to restrictive laws established to protect the beauty and bounty of our agricultural preserve, there are plenty of world-class resorts such as Meadowood, Auberge du Soleil, Calistoga Ranch, Silverado Resort and Spa, Solage, The Meritage and The Carneros Resort and the recently opened Los Alcobas Resort.

Napa Valley Bridesmaids

David Aten of David Aten Events, a well-known Napa Valley event planner commented, “There is an abundance of talent in the wedding, event, hospitality industry in the Napa Valley. You have some of the best planners, photographers, chefs, florists and hospitality professionals to offer you the world-class wedding of your dreams!”

Establishing your venue is usually your first task and most important, as it will depend on the availability of your desired setting for the ceremony and reception and then, of course, locking in the dates of your perfect chosen venue. Once that is set, determining the wedding details is the next task at hand. With the biggest hurdle complete, the rest will all fall into place.

How to Plan Your Wedding

Here are a few things to consider when planning your wedding: wedding party accommodations, rehearsal dinner locations, reception food and beverages, event venue design and decor, music, florists, officiants, photographers, videographers and rental companies. Based on your style, taste and budget, your event planner will help guide you through this process with recommendations and referrals, or they can handle every single detail, every step of the way. Most wedding planners suggest Pinterest as a good place to gather ideas. Or just check out all of the information and photos you and on the Internet for Napa Valley weddings.

Sunset Wedding Napa Valley

Here are a few Napa Valley websites to help get you started: They have a wedding planning guide that can help you discover the perfect vineyard, luscious garden, posh country club or luxurious resort. Wedding Packages, Elopement Packages, Officiants and Wedding Venues. Over 20 Years in Wedding Planning offering Custom events to suit every wedding need. Puttin’On the Glitz, David Aten knows how to put on a “Show Stopping” Event

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Wedding Photographers:

TJ Salsman – “My approach is documentary photography with a thoughtful, creative eye. I capture moments, subtle and obvious that tell an honest story of a couples wedding day.”

Art and Clarity, Janna Waldinger and Lowell Downey – “From the elopement to the large wedding, we listen to our client’s vision, and deliver creative images that reflect the love they share. We reveal the poetic and the heartfelt moments to be celebrated for generations.”

Photo Credits: TJ Salsman and Art & Clarity