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Cast Iron Skillet Olive Bread – No-Knead Recipe

With so much more time at home these days and the desire for comfort food, there is nothing better than the smell of baking bread in the house. Who doesn’t just love homemade bread? When I went searching for an easy bread recipe, I found many that can be made in a cast-iron skillet that requires no kneading and only a few hours rise time. There are others that I have made that are also no-knead, but do require an overnight rise and can be cooked in a cast-iron Dutch Oven.

This delicious and simple cast iron skillet olive bread recipe requires little effort for a big tasty reward. From the recipes that I found online, I took the basics from the recipe and created my own version of the cast iron skillet olive bread.

The main ingredients are simple, and the Kalamata Olives and juice strained from the olive jar add some great flavors to the bread.

A fun thing to do when doing a barbecue on the grill, slice up the bread, smear with some butter or olive oil and toast it right on the grill. The smoky from the grill make this bread irresistible.