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What to Cook Tonight – If it’s Tuesday it must Be Pasta Night

Linguine with Shrimp and Peas

Tonight was the night to do a pasta dish. So linguine with Shrimp and Peas was the dinner ticket! We have been eating meat pretty much every night whether it is a burger, tri-tip, chicken, or BBQ Ribs. It is time to mix it up a little bit with a refreshing but easy to prepare pasta dish. Our course I rely on what I happen to have fresh in the fridge, frozen in the freezer, and what’s available in our stocked pantry.

Since we don’t just run out to the store these days on a daily basis to pick up ingredients for the evening meal if we don’t have it on hand. My grocery curbside pick-up day isn’t until Thursday, so for tonight’s meal sourced the ingredients from what I have on hand. Good thing we usually always have a good selection available to us at home. My recent delivery from Costco just brought us a large bag of lovely frozen shrimp, so for tonight – shrimp it is. Along with imported linguine and frozen peas from the pantry and freezer. I took a recipe that I usually do and adapted it to use the ingredients I have on hand here at home.

The original recipe calls for fresh shrimp, I used fresh-frozen. It also called for fresh basil which I have just run out of, but fortunately, we always keep on hand cubes of frozen Pesto Sauce which worked as a perfect substitute. The only other item the I had to change up a bit as I used Trader Joes Frozen Peas instead of fresh sugar snap peas since I did not have any of those available either. I also added sliced and quartered zucchini and halved cherry tomatoes.

As we all know in a pasta dish, you can create just about anything with what you have available at home provided you have the key ingredients which are, of course, good pasta, garlic, parmesan, and extra virgin olive oil (I like to use the freshest I can get from my quarterly delivery from my olive oil club). All of the rest you can easily improvise with your own choice of ingredients.

Please make comments and share photos of your dish that you created from this recipe!